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Toronto Call for Presentations / Workshops

Please review all of the information below before submitting your BOLTT presentation proposal.

We hope you will consider sharing your expertise and experience by proposing a presentation/workshop at the BOLTT Conference!


Presenter Discounts (one presenter per workshop)
  • Receive 50% OFF of your registration by delivering a single session (i.e., one 50-minute presentation/workshop) 
  • Receive your registration for FREE by delivering a double session or two single sessions (i.e., one 100-minute OR two 50-minute presentations/workshops)


Important Information:
  • If you plan to propose a presentation/workshop, please submit your proposal and wait for a response before submitting a conference registration. Approved presenters (1 main presenter only from each workshop) will receive an email with special registration instructions to ensure you receive the presenter discount. Registering prior to receiving your proposal response may mean you forego the presenter discount.
  • All presenters must attend the conference in person.
  • Workshop proposals will be accepted until October 15, 2023 or until all presentation spaces have been filled, whichever comes first.



  1. Effective strategies or approaches in online program administration and/or online course development, delivery, assessment, communication, or student tracking and reporting in an eLearning, hybrid learning, or blended learning environment for elementary, intermediate, secondary, or adult learners, or for special programs.

  2. An effective tool to enhance online learning, including (but not limited to) course instruction, assessment, engagement and/or administration.

  3. A unique online learning program, project or initiative.

  4. Providing opportunities for colleagues to meet together to share, collaborate, problem-solve, and build best practices.



  1. Sessions are capped at approximately 35 attendees and all rooms will be equipped with a projector/screen/sound and WiFI.

  2. Double sessions must involve an interactive or hands-on component.

  3. If co-presenting, only one presenter will receive the presenter registration discount.


To submit your proposals for a BOLTT presentation / workshop, simply click on the ‘Submit a Presentation/Workshop Proposal’ button below or at the top of this page and complete the form.


Please contact if you have questions or require information.

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